For the Chrysler Crossfire, KW automotive GmbH is presenting a Variant 2 coilover suspension in stainless steel “inox-line” technology. The KW Variant 2 coilover suspension permits customisable lowering of the Crossfire’s suspension in the range of 25 to 50 mm on the front and rear axle.

The Variant 2 suspension lowering kit costs € 1180 plus the standard VAT and is the ideal system for experienced sports drivers, who, in addition to the customised lowering of the suspension, also wish to make adjustments in the set-up. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable rebound damping, it is possible to adjust the vehicle to the driver’s precise needs in terms of handling and comfort.

The KW coilover suspensions are all made using stainless steel “inox-line” technology, which not only enhances the visual appearance, but also offers substantially more in terms of functionality coupled with a significant improvement in quality and durability.

Text and photos courtesy of KW