The company KW automotive GmbH is presenting a coilover suspension range in stainless steel “inox line” technology for the BMW 1 Type 187 in Variants 1, 2 and 3. The KW coilover kits Variant 1, 2 and 3 are individually height adjustable on front and rear axle. The coilover kits for the BMW 1 Type 187 enable the car to customise the degree by which it is possible to lower its suspension in the range of 35 – 65 mm on the front and rear axle.

Variant 1 with KW factory pre-set up dampening costs € 885*. Variant 2 with adjustable rebound damping costs € 1095*. Variant 3 with independently adjustable compression and rebound damping costs € 1300*.

The adjustable rebound damping of Variant 2 and 3 offers to control the pitching and rolling behaviour of the car as well as the handling and driving comfort. The car could be customised to the requirements of the user and the driving impression could be changed from comfortable to sportive. With the additional compression damping of Variant 3 you could control the driving behaviour of the car drastically. Increasing the damping force supports the car during compression and prevents rolling and pitching motion which improves the turn behaviour.

All KW coilover suspensions are produced in the unique stainless steel “inox line” technology. This assures the extremely high quality and durability of the suspensions plus a long-lasting perfect finish to match. Stainless steel offers perfect protection against corrosion and in connection with the unique trapeze thread it simplifies permanently the adjustment with the spring perches.

Text and photos courtesy of KW