The Roadster study EDAG Show Car No. 8 is a world first and a perfect example of the holistic philosophy of global engineering partner EDAG Engineering + Design AG, Fulda. EDAG Show Car No. 8 represents an independent vehicle design that can be manufactured mainly using existing production facilities. Networked engineering becomes a reality as the result of combining product and production right from the concept phase.

Purist design for pure driving pleasure
“We designed the EDAG Show Car No. 8 for a target group that wants to express their individuality and positive attitude to life,” is how Johannes Barckmann, head of the EDAG design team, explains his concept, “so we decided to create it as the ultimate driving machine.” The forward angled belt line and the low-slung body nestling close to the road surface both accentuate the forward momentum of the sports car design. The key features on the exterior are striking recesses and air vents that deliberately follow the aerodynamic lines. With the sharply inclined bonnet, two severe-looking headlights and the centrally mounted twin exhausts, there’s no doubt that this machine has been built for pure driver enjoyment – no matter what angle you view the car from. The absence of a roof keeps faith with the uncompromisingly purist look of the EDAG Show Car No. 8 and will even leave die-hard biker fans feeling a tad envious.

EDAG Show Car No. 8: product variety and profitability
The EDAG Show Car No. 8 cleverly exploits the trend towards the increasing demand for niche market vehicles. With an individual and independent design aimed at the end consumer, it also offers the practical advantage that it can be integrated into existing plant for its production. To implement this bold concept, the decision was taken to revert to the SMART Roadster, using its platform and the self-supporting body from the plant in Hambach, France. This means that the production facility can remain in operation beyond its normal life cycle – a feature that sets a benchmark for production efficiency.

The plan for the EDAG Show Car No. 8 further illustrates how, simply by altering exterior components, a unique and innovative product can be created, one offering additional sales opportunities to other target groups and for new market segments. EDAG will use IAA 2005 in Frankfurt as a platform to test the level of acceptance of the EDAG Show Car No. 8 among industry specialists and end customers, and also to listen to requests and suggestions from test drivers on the subject of engineering equipment. Following these results, EDAG Engineering + Design AG plans to present the model as an on-road prototype at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show: a world premiere.

SUV 2005 as an example from the luxury segment
Back in March 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show, Swiss luxury designers, Rinspeed AG and Fulda-based EDAG Engineering + Design AG proved their competence in the field of exclusive design and top quality small-series production in the form of the EDAG SUV 2005. If the Show Car No. 8 is an example of purist design, offering unadulterated and affordable driving pleasure, the SUV 2005 represented a concept for an extravagant, extrovert and high-price vehicle.

“This design is a lifestyle sports vehicle of the luxury class and was specially designed for car fans who like a sporty and extrovert look in the SUV segment,” explains Johannes Barckmann, Head of the EDAG design studio. “We adopted the image of an American football player as the starting point for the design of the SUV 2005,” added Barckmann. “This symbol is an embodiment of strength and determination.” The image is visually underlined by the powerful muscular shapes over the wheel houses, in combination with the low-slung roof line and the solid-looking, tapered side skirts.

Exclusive, extrovert and trendy“Customers can combine the equipment to suit their individual tastes,” adds Barckmann to explain the optional variations. The SUV 2005, with 600 HP under the bonnet, has been in production since April as an exclusive small series and is available from a net price of around 325,000 Euro from Rinspeed AG. The globally operating development company, Fulda-based EDAG, is responsible for the small- series production. The new vehicle is an exclusive, extrovert and trendy cross-over variant that makes a welcome addition to the SUV segment.

Text and photos courtesy of Edag