In its first-ever appearance at the Detroit Motor Show, EDAG will exhibit two show cars as proof of its competence when it comes to innovative development solutions, including small series production.

A world premiere will be the display of the Pontiac Solstice in a hardtop version. The American sports convertible comes from the factory with a cloth top which disappears under a flap in the back when retracted.

The EDAG designers have designed a special hardtop, including a new boot flap, for the Solstice which not only puts a solid roof over the driver’s head, but also gives the car a completely new appearance. Inspired by the Pontiac Safari station wagons of the 1950s and 1960s, the EDAG designers have come up with a dynamic, elegant and contemporary variant of a sports estate.

The second show car presented by the company at the motor show in Detroit will be the “EDAG SUV 2005”, a concept for an extravagant, extroverted and high-priced vehicle. “The car is a lifestyle sports vehicle of the luxury class and was conceived specifically for car lovers who appreciate a sporty and thoroughly extroverted appearance in the off-roader segment as well,” explains Johannes Barckmann, head of the EDAG Design Studio.

“As a leitmotiv for the appearance of the SUV 2005,” Barckmann continues, “we took the image of an American football player, the perfect incarnation of power and assertive force.” The broadly shaped muscles above the wheel housings, coupled with the lowered roofline and the wedge-shaped, massive side sills, visually reinforce this image.

Text and photos courtesy of Edag