The classical ART Program 221 AVANTGARDE for the new S-Class now are available also in the second variant SPORTLINE following the GTR look. At its unveiling at the Special Importcar Show (S.I.S.) in Tokyo from April 28 – 30, 2006, this marriage of elegant luxury limousine and sports car entitled Program 221 SPORTLINE from the workshops of the ART customizers drew an immediate reaction of enduring admiration.

The aerodynamic front already familiar from the well-known ART Program 221 has now been reproduced in Nuremberg in the more strongly accentuated SPORTLINE version. A successful collaboration of parallel projecting lines, optimally placed air inlets, distinctive cut-outs and sophisticated supplementary headlamps now define the appearance of the basic S-Class. It has unmistakably answered the call for raw sports appeal and racy contours, its exterior offering more than a hint of what you will find under the hood. So much of its design is borrowed from nothing less than the successful GTR sports vehicle from ART.

With this distinct sportive design line, ART is responding to broadly pitched demands from the international S-Class community who seek the very best in comfort and sports flair for their vehicles. The side skirts and rear skirts are identical in both the AVANTGARDE and the SPORTLINE lines. The same goes for the headlamp equipment.

The technical advantage of both the SPORTLINE and the AVANTGARDE components is production using the MG Compound method. This entails deep-drawing the fiber-glass reinforced plastic laminate under vacuum conditions. The contours are CNC-machined. This innovative technology offers precisely definable and constant material strengths with precision fitting.

As a certified company with certified suppliers, high levels of quality and sustainable quality assurance measures, ART can offer its customers the ultimate in product safety and value stability for all components in its customization programs: an essential ingredient of justified confidence.

Text and photos courtesy of ART tuning GmbH