To complete the BMW range, MK-Motorsport has now tackled the Mini Cooper, which also belongs to the BMW group. In addition to boosting the performance and reducing the weight, MK-Motorsport has also given the Mini’s visual appearance a make-over.

To reduce the weight, MK is equipping the Mini with a full front mask made from carbon fiber. This lightweight body-styling element is available either as a painted version or as a visual carbon-fiber element for the price of 2,895 euros. The engine hood assembly from MK weighs just 4.6 kg (the production counterpart around 30 kg), with a trunk lid being in preparation.

MK Motorsport enjoys a long history of involvement in high-tech research and development in the field of aerodynamic technology. Accordingly, a specially adapted aerodynamic high-performance header has been developed on an airflow test bed for the Cooper S models, which is combined with a steel catalyst and an MK exhaust system. Besides the effect of the faster gas velocity, enhanced thermal efficiency is also produced, which in turn leads to lower combustion chamber temperatures. This has a positive effect on the service life and consumption and increases the power. In conjunction with a modified supercharger ratio, harmonized electronics as well as spark plugs and air filter the MK kit generates 230 bhp! With this conversion, the engine itself remains entirely standard. The complete conversion price for the MK kit is around 4,500 euros.

To adapt the retardation in line with this extra power, MK-Motorsport equips the Mini with an MK high-performance braking system. This sees the front axle being fitted with MK 4-piston aluminum brake calipers with 322mm diameter, internally ventilated and cross-drilled discs (3,340 euros). Article originally posted on Babez.de! With help of a set of adaptors, the rear axle is fitted with internally ventilated and cross-drilled MK discs with a 296mm diameter (905 euros), in which case the standard-fitted brake calipers are retained.

Text and photos courtesy of MK-Motorsport