The specialists for VW bus tuning, namely RSL from Reutlingen, have pulled off another coup and have succeeded in giving the T5 bus a powerful boost in performance in addition to a comprehensive styling package.

The highlight of the tuning measures is a powerful performance boost, which powers this multi-purpose bus up to 210 bhp instead of the 174 bhp in the basic vehicle. Thanks to the tuning by the RSL engineers, the maximum torque is also increased from 400 Nm to 465 Nm. To optimise the air supply, a sports air filter is also fitted.

The frontal is effectively emphasised and aggressively styled by the front spoiler ‘Race’, the RS6 ventilation grille and the chrome radiator grille. The sides have been adorned with RSL side sills and the side view has also been further optimised with a chrome mirror cover and chrome indicators. The rear end view has been totally transformed by rear wings, a decorative chrome trim on the rear door in addition to black/red classic stoplights.

A sports exhaust system from the catalytic converter adds both visual and acoustic touches. A high-comfort lowering of the suspension, which lowers the T5 by 40 mm, ensures enhanced driveability. The power transmission onto the road is realised by chunky 9.0 x 20″ wheel rims fitted with 275-35-20 tyres on both axles.

In the interior, checker plate floor mats have been fitted both on the driver and passenger side and all the panes of glass – except for the windscreen and the two side windows at the front – have been darkened with extremely black foil.

Text and photos courtesy of RSL