Similar to a valuable pearl in an open oyster, the Ferrari’s Novitec interior is produced from only the finest materials. The synthesis of Alcantara, leather and carbon harmonise perfectly. Precious elegance masterfully sets a sporting accent and satisfies the desire for individuality.

Evolution bestowed the bear with the phenomenal strength that it possesses today and made it to one of the most magnificent creatures on earth.

Novitec engines bestow the ENZO with both Superiority: powerful, enduring quick off the mark and Breathtaking performance, whenever you feel the urge.

power-optimized exhaust system in stainless steel
F1 999 10 with 2x 90mm outlets left and right and heat protection

set of rear lights
F9 999 01 black (4-pieces)

set of side indicators
F9 999 02 black (2-pieces)

Text and photos courtesy of Novitec