The second release of the 300C Special by Detroit Tuner Tommy Z Design is much more sophisticated. These cars have gone through a full years road testing and driven over 400 hard days in the Metro Detroit streets. This tuning package includeds the 4 pc aero components and the Original Deep Dish grille. These grilles are available with chrome, black powdercoat or custom color-matched inserts. These can be switched out periodically, to the owner’s liking.

The kit attaches with all stock hardware and holes, and with the added handmade polished stainless steel exhaust out the back this car gets some looks. This particular car features 24″ linea wheels by MHT, color matched to the magnesium pearl Chrysler specs. These Toyo tires actually ride great, they do not track or bump steer.

For 2007, the crew at Tommy Z’s in developing a whole polished stainless steel kit that will attach to the factory locations as well. A diamond grille is also in the works as well as a whole line of Stainless Components for Lamborghini, Cadillac, and Bentley.

This package is absolutely stunning, all designed and engineered to perform, stunt and accentuate the Chrysler 300 vehicles.

Text and photos courtesy of Tommy Z Design