The Elfin MS8 models have been designed by Elfin Sports Cars and styled by the Holden Design team. This collaboration between two proud Australian manufacturing icons has been an enthusiastic exercise, by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts. The Elfin MS8 sports cars are worthy successors to the famous Elfin MS7, the Chevrolet V8 powered Elfin which won the 1975 and 1976 Australian Tourist Trophy Sports Car Championships.

Australia’s new classic sports car is go. Federal authorities this week gave Australian Design Rule compliance approval for the Elfin MS8 Streamliner, with the Clubman expected to follow shortly. This means production and customer deliveries of the purebred performance machines are now full steam ahead at Elfin Sports Cars’ factory in Braeside, Victoria. And to ensure the smoothest possible launch, Elfin has entered into a new arrangement with elite car performance and racing engineering company, Walkinshaw Performance.

The Clayton-based operation, owned by British racing legend Tom Walkinshaw, has been engaged to supply production engineering and marketing expertise during the launch phase. Walkinshaw Performance was founded in September last year. It specialises in high-performance automotive products for enthusiasts and race engineering expertise for race teams, including Australia’s two top Holden V8 Supercar teams, Holden Racing Team and Toll HSV Dealer Team.

Elfin Directors Bill Hemming and Nick Kovatch welcomed Walkinshaw Performance on board, saying Elfin was leaving nothing to chance in its efforts to produce Australia’s finest sports cars for enthusiasts in Australia and export markets. “Walkinshaw Performance’s assistance is the icing on the cake as we swing into the full production phase,” they said.

“As well as assisting us with production engineering and marketing expertise, Walkinshaw Performance has ordered five cars for proposed track events. “Although we are building sports cars for the road, the spiritual home for Elfin cars is the race track.” Walkinshaw Performance CEO Craig Wilson said the arrangement with Elfin was a good fit, blending well with WP’s high-performance vehicle interests. “We see this as a great opportunity to assist an exciting company with some exciting products, with our production engineering and marketing expertise.

“And we had been looking at doing some track days for enthusiasts anyway, so having Elfins on offer will be a great attraction.” Elfin is planning to build an exclusive production run of 100 of both V8-powered models, which were styled by former Holden Design Director and Elfin enthusiast, Mike Simcoe.

The design concepts were revealed on the Holden stand at the 2004 Melbourne Motor Show. Since then, both models have been fully engineered for ADR compliance and refined for production readiness.

In the process, production efficiencies have driven down costs, meaning significant price reductions for both models. The Streamliner, originally quoted at indicative price of $135,000, has gone on sale for $119,475. The Clubman, was originally priced at $109,000, but will hit the showroom at $98,785.

Both models are powered by Holden’s Gen III 5.7-litre V8, producing 245kW of power, for unrivalled acceleration. Race-style wishbone suspension, huge brakes and a tubular space-frame construction deliver exhilarating performance.

The plush, two-seat leather-trimmed interior has been refined since the original concept, delivering more comfort without compromising the sharp racecar feel that has been a part of Elfin’s credo since it was founded by Australian motorsport hero Garrie Cooper almost 50 years ago.

Text and photos courtesy of Elfin Sports Cars PTY Ltd.