Following on the success scored at its world debut at the last Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance, the fantastic Ferrari 612 Scaglietti “K” by Pininfarina built for Peter S. Kalikow has finally been unveiled before the American public.

The customer specifically asked Pininfarina to design, engineer and produce a special version of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti able to accentuate the lines of the vehicle, developing this according to a styling process able to highlight its elegance and exclusive nature.

Kalikow’s initial brief was very simple and clear: a vehicle with a new body with such subtle, hidden differences from the original as to be recognizable at first glance by only 10% of Ferrari connoisseurs. A brief that was gradually developed and refined so as to construct a vehicle tailored to the requirements of the customer who personally followed up development of the styling, selecting product contents and participating in choosing the materials and colours.

The vehicle that has been designed is a real “one-off” job which, at the same time, offers the owner everything he considers essential, comfortable and important in daily use.

An elegant but frills-free car reflecting Pininfarina’s unequalled style and tradition. Major contents include: the front grille, reminiscent of those of vehicles designed in the Fifties and Sixties; the liquid crystal and photovoltaic cell transparent roof (Isoclima technology); the large air outlet on the front bumper that stems from the volumes of the side; the fins that wrap round the rear window as in the company’s most beautiful designs; the rear lighting clusters that recall the Enzo.

The interior has been modified as desired by customer so as to incorporate all those minor amenities that make the driver feel he is immersed in an environment designed and constructed exclusively for him right down to the smallest details.

Why Pininfarina for your special car?
For as long as I can remember, Pininfarina has been designing coach work for Ferrari. The part of this business that always intrigued me was the special one off models done for auto-shows and special customers. As a Ferrari fan for 48 years, and a customer for 39 years, I was thrilled to have the opportunity of being one of those people to have a special Ferrari designed and constructed by Pininfarina.

Could you explain your personal involvement during the main phases of the Project?
When I received my first 612 my opinion was that this was one of the finest, if not “the finest” road car ever constructed by Ferrari. The more I drove it the more I was drawn to this conclusion. There were some details in the style, however, that I thought could be slightly improved upon. I was able to discuss this with Pininfarina, which was wonderful at carrying out my wishes. I made a few trips to Cambiano, but mainly we dealt through e-mail. It was kind of nice knowing that Pininfarina cared about my wishes enough to constantly seek my input was very gratifying.

Do you recommend Pininfarina to another enthusiast of the cars like you?
I would say that Pininfarina’s Special Projects Division, which handled the construction of my 612, was populated by some of the finest automotive engineers, stylists and technicians that I have ever come across. Everything was done in a first class manner, with detailed drawings that left no doubt that my wishes would be transformed to aluminum glass and leather. Anyone that wants to enjoy the fullest extent of Ferrari ownership could do no better than having Pininfarina construct a special car for them.

Text and photos courtesy of Pininfarina