The FIA has confirmed that the Mosler GT3 will be able to race in the European GT3 Championship next year, as long as there are three cars in the first year, and six in the next. The first three cars are now in build. In view of the pending challenge, a limited road going series of the MT900 R racer is to be built in close cooperation with the international racing teams and Mosler Automotive in England.

For class leading power to weight ratio Mosler Deutschland has done all the engineering work for the use of the newest generation 7.0 L HM LS7 Z06 engine with up to 600 BHP to offer the ultimate variation to this super car in the form of the Mosler MT900 GTR.


Emphasis is made on emissions, comfort and safety of the MT900 GTR version to integrate road worthiness and legitimize the successful racing concept.

Vehicle registration obligatory crash tests for front and side collision as well as roll tests were performed and passes with a comfortable margin. In fact the MT900 GTR has the strongest roof structure resulting in the highest rollover protection ever observed by GT Laboratories.

With the use of the 7.0 L HM LS7 Z06 engine, steps have also been taken to confidently meet the newest Californian and European emission guide lines.


MT900 GTR models are equipped with front splitter, carbon rear spoiler, venturi channel and rear diffuser produce enough down force to be theoretically capable of following the roof line of a tunnel in an inverted orientation albeit at a speed above 200 km/h.

The chassis and cockpit are made of ultra light high strength carbon fibre in an aluminium honeycomb structure and have a combined weight of only 90kg.

Rear and front sub-frames are made of high strength chrome-moly steel which promotes rigidity for the assembled axle motor and gear box. A highly developed suspension uses chrome-moly double wishbones with adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars.

The MT900 GTR is designed to focus on low weight, low center of gravity, low polar moments, minimum frontal area, wide track and optimal weight distribution.


KW Automotive supply a fully adjustable racing suspension system, which has been developed to maximise the handling characteristics of the MT900 GTR on the legendary Nurnbern Ring North Cicruit and giving a comfortable ride for the street use.

For the best braking characteristics and to save the unsprung weight, the MT900 GTR can be fitted with a six piston ceramic racing brakes from MOVIT. Dunlop is supplying special sport tyres, which fit on custom made aluminium wheels made by Work Racing. Ultra light magnesium racing wheels for minimising unsprungweight are available from BBS.


The MT900 GTR is equipped with electric windows, remote central locking and a high quality efficient air conditioning system. Top quality audio by ALPINE with ultra light carbon speakers and digital amplifier which omit the need to compromise the light weight concept. The carbon fibre cockpit can be furbished in the finest hand picked leather or alcantara to suit customer tastes.

Race seats are individually chosen to suit customers and are supplied by RECARO. The design of the MT900 GTR instrumentation includes two analogue instruments and a multifunctional digital display. Article posted on Babez.de! In the boot there is an easily accessible baggage compartment with a made to measure baggage se to utilise the space.

Text and photos courtesy of Mosler