The new Project becomes through our amazing performance kit a never seen experience on the roads of Germany. This amazing model is crowned with the name “Eagle II“.

The powerful wings of an eagle which are symbolized by the typical ASMA Design Air Intakes in the front fenders of the car, the perfect body kit with the typical ASMA Design elements and the bi-colour painting are creating this dominating presence.

Promises are promises and we keep our promises because we put another accent on the rear which makes you scared like the dominating front and the exhaust system.

Its body control is just stunning, its combination of comfort and structural integrity masterful. The ASMA Design wheels on the front axle in 9,5 x 21 inch and on the back axle in 11 x 21 are completing the excellent design of the car. The wheels are on the front axle vast 255/30/21 and on the back axle 295/25/21.

Text and photos courtesy of ASMA Design