On the 79th Geneva Motor Show, the Gumpert Sportwagen Manufaktur GmbH will show the Apollo Speed. While Apollo Sport testing on race circuits for optimum performance, and lateral Grip in all situations, the focus on the Apollo Speed is exclusive high-speed customers. The output values of the speed is due sophisticated aerodynamics significantly higher than those of competitors.

Form Follows Function
The appearance of the Apollo Speed is still racy and has become more aggressive. The distinctive Bicolour -Painting emphasizes the appearance of the compact cars, with 1105 mm flatter than his brothers, the 1114 mm. Already a deeper view of the front shows the changed lines around the wheel arches. A low-Restrict Intake complements the scathing looks and provides fresh air in the engine. Other modifications are available at the rear of the Super athlete: The redesigned rear lights show concisely where the apollo controls before he made the field of vision the pursuer disappears. In addition, the two-seater has a small adjustable wing, which he the required downforce for his speed rush awards.

With a completely closed-KAS subsoil (carbon-aluminum sandwich) and tire covers (front stationary and rotating the rear) will bring the speed Formula 1 technology on the road and screams so only after a Challenge for a sprint.

The huge 8-cylinder biturbo apollo speed represents the optional 650 / 700 / 800 hp and a torque of 850 / 875 / 900 Nm available. His performance is top class: The state accelerates, the 100 km / h mark in 3.0 seconds achieved. Tempo 200 is already at 8.9 seconds. The maximum speed lies beyond the 360 km / h. (Depending on equipment, country specification, gearbox ratios and engine power) Inside the two-seater with its sporty-elegant facilities convincing.

This is available with leather or alcantara available and offers a whole range of equipment details such as Air conditioning and DVD Moniceiver. This form of comfort and functionality of a unique unit. The initial facilitates the removable steering wheel. Nestled in the monocoque and lashed by 4-point harnesses, the One with the driver apollo.

Text and Pictures: Gumpert