One of America’s Favorite “sleeper” performance car back in the Ford lineup, with a Super High Output (SHO) EcoBoost twin-turbo engine. The Ford Taurus SHO, the growing number of performance cars for the 2010 model year, on the legacy of the original, which deserves a place on the Car and Driver 10 Best list four years running.

“The new Taurus SHO delivers the authentic sleeper sedan formula, but adds all-new luxury appointments, comfort features and technologies to an unmatched balance of power and fuel economy,” says Mark Fields, president of Ford of the Americas. “This new sport-derivative responses enthusiasts’ calls for a premium Ford’s flagship sedan with even more attitude. ”

Introduced in 1989, Taurus SHO was a discretionary performance-oriented than sport sedan, ideal for car enthusiasts, the room and the ability of a four-door full size car. Produced by 1999, more than 100000 have been sold.

The original Taurus SHO created a loyal following of owners and enthusiasts, with an active association for more than 1000 members strong, an online forum with more than 10000 registered users and a website (bringbackthesho.com) specifically for convincing Ford back on the SHO. Taurus the 2010 product development team spent much time listening SHO enthusiasts.

EcoBoost ™ Twin-Turbo Power
The creation of the new Taurus SHO 2010 is a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 engine. This advanced engine produces an estimated 365 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 350 ft.-lbs. Torque at 3500 rpm, which is a significant improvement in performance, torque and fuel consumption compared to larger, normally aspirated. This is also the strongest Ford EcoBoost engine.

A key feature of this EcoBoost gasoline direct injection. The direct injection of fuel into the cylinder during the intake stroke, in contrast to port-style injection externally mounted to a host, a well-mixed air / fuel charge. Fuel vaporization during the intake stroke cools the incoming air, improving the volumetric efficiency and reduces the likelihood of knock.

The results are improved throttle response, reduces cold start emissions and improved fuel properties. The cooled charge enables a higher density, improved efficiency at part load, while the higher density allows a better volumetric efficiency at full load motor behavior. Customer experience normally aspirated V-8 power, without the V-6 fuel economy.

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 with two turbochargers, as opposed to a unit. The reduced size of each turbocharger results in reduced internal inertia, so that this advanced engine to avoid the “turbo lag” often used in previous generation turbo applications. From the driver’s seat, the reward is linear power delivery across a broad torque band from 1500 to 5500 rpm. Peak torque from idle buildings quickly respond ensures acceleration from a standing start.

Select with Shift Paddles and All-Wheel Drive
The new Taurus SHO powertrain combines a powerful 6F55 six-speed Select Shift transmission with a sophisticated torque-sensing All-Wheel Drive system. These components in harmony to provide ample traction when entering EcoBoost power on the road. The six-speed transmission offers a wide range of gears to allow for spirited acceleration and comfortable high speed cruising, with a drive ratio 2,77-1.

Select Shift offers conventional automatic operation or a manual shift mode, the driver full control over gear selection. For performance-minded driver, paddles allow “rev-match” down shifts and will be manually selected gears for precise control. Intuitive, a squeeze on both paddles upshift is under an economic acceleration, while a gentle push forward brings a smooth down shift, synchronization of the engine and transmission speeds to react and positive engagement.

The Taurus SHO Drive Line is updated with the acquisition of a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system, which leads automatically and unobtrusively. The device includes an extended range of internal electro-mechanical clutches efficiently distribute torque to the wheels with optimum traction. Standard all-wheel drive enables the Taurus SHO efficiently deliver its high performance on the pavement under a variety of conditions.

“Taurus SHO suspension and steering have been tuned to the sports demanding drivers with precise control, confident handling, communicative feedback and a drive-compatible,” said Pete Reyes, chief engineer Taurus.

Taurus SHO with an advanced electronic Power-assisted Steering (EPAS) system, reacting the road feel and a stronger balance center and offer the added advantage of increased fuel consumption. SHO, a sport-tuned suspension with unique shock absorbers, springs, stabilizers and Strut mount bushings designed and harmonized to the highest level of DNA-Ford road holding, cornering agility and control capability in a Blue Oval full-size sedan .

Taurus SHO full advantage of the multi-link rear axle design SR1. Named after the 1:1-shock absorber ratio, this configuration provides an inherently stable foundation for the development team in the SHO tuning for enhanced driver control and agility. Furthermore, the SR1 rear geometry provides increased travel, and allows the use of 19 – and 20-inch wheels and tires.

For the discerning automotive enthusiasts, Taurus SHO SHO provides a free Performance Package consisting of upgraded brake pads, EPAS recalibrated for even more capability,
a “sport mode” setting for the standard AdvanceTrac ® Electronic Stability Control and a shorter 3.16-1 drive ratio for quicker acceleration. Summer-Compound 20-inch Goodyear Eagle F1 performance tires on premium painted wheels are also included.

Text and Pictures: Ford