Heartbeat Motors Capone – the Chevrolet HHR is now available with exclusive old-school design and with optional eco-friendly LPG autogas power. The five-door sets itself apart with its two-tone exterior paint and stainless-steel applications. But that’s not all: Its 2.4-liter four-cylinder 16-valve engine produces 170 hp / 125 kW and can run on gasoline or on low-cost eco-friendly LPG autogas.


The station wagon is available with a five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed automatic transmission.  A leather interior and hi-fi system are part of the standard equipment as is an extensive safety package that includes driver and front passenger as well as side airbags. Special requests can be fulfilled with the extensive Heartbeat Motors customization program.
What makes this model truly special is the fact that HHR owners can buy the components individually at authorized Chevrolet dealers. The Heartbeat MOTORS HHR Capone itself is also available at all authorized Chevrolet dealers.

The two-tone exterior makes the Heartbeat Motors Capone a striking eye catcher. The special model is available in the color combinations of Sunburst Orange / Chicago Cream, Black / Chicago Cream, Imperial Blue / Chicago Cream und Dark Grey / Chicago Cream. The sophisticated color concept emphasizes the classic design of the Chevrolet HHR that itself is reminiscent of the car design of the late Forties.

The Heartbeat Motors designers lend the five-door even more unmistakable classic looks with a sophisticated concept of high-gloss polished stainless-steel components. The Heartbeat Motors front tube guard attaches to the underside of the front bumper and serves more than just visual purposes: The sturdy accessory protects the front apron from damages from curbs and other obstacles.

The sides of the Chevrolet HHR are upgraded with Heartbeat Motors rocker panels. These sparkling high-gloss stainless-steel components protect the lower sides from minor collision damage. 

Eco-friendly and affordable: These are the two most important characteristics of the Heartbeat Motors LPG autogas conversion of the Capone, available for 2,990 Euros. The dual drive technology allows drivers to use LPG auto gas or gasoline. At 0.65 Euros per liter of LPG autogas the exclusive HHR special model is not just exceptionally economical to drive but also runs cleaner than the production car: Using LPG reduces CO2 emissions by more than ten percent.

The Heartbeat Motors Chevrolet HHR Capone special model rolls standard on 17-inch light-alloy wheels. Heartbeat Motors also offers custom-tailored five-spoke wheels in size 8Jx18 with size 215/45 R 18 tires.  The Heartbeat motors ride-height lowering by some 30 millimeters is especially calibrated for use with these low-profile tires. 

Text and Pictures : Automobile Technik & Innovation GmbH