The Saab 9-3X is the ideal alternative to big and heavy SUVs or crossovers. With distinctive looks, a versatile Sport Wagon body, a higher position and advanced all-wheel-drive, the 9-3X also offers excellent fuel efficiency and functional storage.

The 9-3X is either with the Saab Turbo 2.0 l petrol engine (210hp), combined with the technically advanced Cross Wheel Drive (XWD), or the highly prestigious 1 / 9 TTiD diesel (180hp) with front-wheel drive. Overall, the 9-3X embodies the Saab turbocharging philosophy that a dynamic driving experience with fuel-saving powertrain to achieve the performance.

Saab designers have the housing 35mm high (20 mm higher on the FWD-diesel model) than the standard two-wheel-drive sport wagon. It is specially designed for those who are frequently on gravel or unpaved roads, without driving on asphalt.

The Saab 9-3X is a car in accordance with the lifestyle needs of today’s customers. “The 9-3X is an efficient all-rounder for those who do not want or need an SUV-type vehicle,” says Simon Padian, Saab Design Chief fire. “Simply put, we offer you a vehicle that will do what in more comfort and style, heavier than an SUV.”

New bumpers front and rear with a dark gray, granular, that the surface is also the side skirts and the edges of the wheel as a protection for the site, if loose or muddy. This treatment is completed by sliding panels with a matte aluminum finish, curved to the opening of the door at the rear and a wing in the form of the lip of the lower front bumper. These are equipped with a matte aluminum-colored lower door strips and roof rails with the same surface. Visible, two circular exhaust tailpipes are the same for both engines. Front fog ring with a chrome finish add yet another robust accent.

With the addition of unique design, 5-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels, the 9-3X is externally character reflects its ability, with mixed road conditions, whether rough or smooth, loose, or paved. Inside the 9-3X interior boasts a unique upholstery, a dark metallic finish to the door TRIMs, glove box and gear surround. The unique sport seating with gray cloth inserts in the black leather.

Total Traction Power

In the heart of the 9-3X Saab XWD is the latest technology. It is an intelligent, active system that continuously distributes engine drive torque between front and rear axle, for optimum traction and stability under all conditions. To optimize the traction of Saab XWD includes an innovative, preventative engagement of the rear wheels. Unlike conventional all-wheel drive systems, this eliminates the need to detect front wheel slip before rear drive is activated.

The hardware consists of an electronically controlled torque transfer device (TTD), the force per delivery between the axles. A valve increases or reduces the hydraulic pressure on the wet clutch plates in the TTD to be resolved gradually, or the rear axle. The degree of ‘slip’ dictates how much drive is connected to the rear wheels. The standard fit rear limited slip differential (ELSD) is working on the same principle, splitting the drive axle to the wheel more traction.

The 2.0 Turbo petrol engine delivers a potent 210hp, and therefore on the right-sizing Saab main through the power of a larger engine, but with the fuel economy and lower emissions benefits of a smaller 2.0 l capacity with a turbo-charger. The all-alloy engine and 221lb ft torque (300nm) between 2500-4000rpm and the 9-3X from 0 – 60 km / h in just 8.2 seconds. Both six-speed manual gearbox and automatic transmission are available.

The diesel variant, a 1.9 TTiD twin-turbo engine generates an impressive 180hp and a typical 295 lb ft (400nm) of torque through the front wheels, but still low emissions with 144 g / km. This engine is also available with manual and automatic transmissions.

Form meets function in the stowage plan

The 9-3X is designed to be sports and leisure equipment just the rear cargo area with a low ground is surprisingly spacious and well proportioned, and the compact design of the rear axle allows for a deep box-like space, free from intrusions and provides a useful rear up / down volume 419/1287 liters (VDA).

The 60/40 split backrest with a ski hatch and wrinkles without the need for the fixed seat cushion. The fully carpeted and the rear cargo space is supported by two interior light on the inside of the D-pillars. It is an easy-weighted tailgate that opens to bumper level, its damper rods completely hidden in the roof to create a clear opening. The flush-fitting, black molded parts plate protects against marks or scratches on the bumper with heavy use.

The 9-3X is TwinFloor Jam investment plan also helps, luggage and equipment safe and clean. The middle part of the soil depends transversely to the top when the handle is pulled, so that the front edge fits into two slots to hold. There is also a 12-volt power outlet in the cargo area (up to a hot or cold box) and a separate compartment on both sides of the ground, a molded part with a holder for large bottles.

Text and Pictures: GM