Like its predecessor, the new VW Scirocco is back to an object of great fascination for car tuners. The current version is now the Swiss tuner Sportec HighEnd: among others, the program consists of a performance optimization, a sports suspension, wheels and other elegant improvement of the general technical components.

For the 200HP and 2-liter gasoline engine, various performance optimizations available – from 240hp to 350hp. In the top version, the maximum torque is a huge leap from 280 to 480 Newton meters. The power is derived from the interaction between the engine electronics and a stainless-steel exhaust system, a Sportec turbocharger, a charge of air intercooler and the fuel system changed.

A carbon-engine is for the precious gift package for this technical delicacy. The suspension Sportec sources significantly improved handling and transverse momentum. They not only reduce the Coupé by 35 millimeters, but also in perfect harmony with the electronically adjustable shock absorbers DCC system.

The differential lock Sportec increases the Scirocco has the grip of several degrees during Raci travel sequences. Another highlight: a 20 “Sportec Mono/10 wheelset. An extremely lightweight 9×20” said Rand was elected with 245/30 tires. On the inside, passengers will enjoy a 4-piece floor mat set made of soft suede and a multi-part carbon interior with Sportec logo. Therefore, the Sportec SC 350 is not only fast and athletic, but also a seductive sensual experience.

Text and Pictures: Sportec