Few will argue that the storm Vauxhall VXR8 super-saloon is not in power, but just in case there were any doubters, the Bathurst Edition S is straight or sideways. By adding a Walkinshaw Performance 122 compressor, the Bathurst waived S 560 hp V8, compared with the standard car produces 431 hp and searing acceleration of the entire metro area and a spine-tingling, banshee wail when you click on the loud pedal.

The Bathurst S Edition combines the normally aspirated Bathurst Edition at the top of the Vauxhall family tree, with two cars, a number of technical and cosmetic upgrades over the standard VXR8. Only a limited number of Bathurst Editions will be sold through selected retailers Vauxhall. Bathurst To exploit the power potential of the larger, six-pot front and rear four-pot switches are standard on both models, with stiffer, height-adjustable springs and Walkinshaw developed coil-over dampers.

The custom dampers have 15 different settings with independent corner valve adjustment for the owner preferred setup. Dynamically, both Bathurst, the VXR8 driving much-praised, but the body is improved and the handling of recovery for the more enthusiastic driver.

Vauxhall VXR8 ExteriorAt the heart of Bathurst S Walkinshaw of the 122 compressor, which not only improves performance by 30 percent, but escalates torque of 550Nm eye in one eye the water 715Nm. That is the strength of the LS3 V8 engine, the extraction of larger numbers would have been possible, but the retention of the VXR8 drivability and durability was Walkinshaw priority.

In fact, the 122 compressor is so much more than just a bolt on blower. The comprehensive package also includes a large capacity intercooler, high flow injectors, a separate cold-air intake and ECU map Walkinshaw developed, while the standard manual gearbox is upgraded with a high torque clutch. As with most turbocharged cars, the S power delivery is extremely linear, with a huge screw torque available from a very low in the rev range, but push the engine to its redline and there is no leave in the car “s performance just a seamless flow of power.

 Outside, both of Bathurst are instantly recognizable by their distinctive graphics pack, fog light covers and “Bathurst” insignia (only the addition of a discrete “S” badge shows the extra 129PS supercharged model), while in a console – fitted with the car badges the build number complements “Walkinshaw Performance” tread plates can be found in each door. Vauxhall VXR8 Interior

Putting icing on the cake for serious drivers is the possibility of the new bi-modal exhaust, which is based on two models of Bathurst. Raising the performance by up to 10PS, the sophisticated system allows drivers to create a noise of two settings: “Street”, with a limit of 92dbA, or “optimum”, the release of the LS3 V8’s full 102dbA.

The two-and-a-half-inch in diameter is made of stainless steel with unique chrome tail pipe finisher, and costs £ 1600th Bathurst Both models retain the VXR8 the default color palette, and can also be used with optional 20 “rims for £ 1500. Prize for the Bathurst Edition is £ 37995 – £ 2757 just on the standard VXR8 – during the Bathurst S costs £ 44,995.

Text and Pictures: GM