In contrast, the second approach favours motoring pleasure, but in a practical manner. Customers here are looking for outstanding products that confer status and bring them an all-new automotive experience.

They want prestige, thrills and refinement, without the rigid codes of traditional upper-range models. To address this need, Citroën is today launching a new line of products to round out its current range. The new line will consist of three new cars, positioned in the B, M1 and M2 segments, launched successively from 2010.
The first illustration of this new product line is the DS INSIDE concept car. The concept car and vehicle line are characterised by forthright choices on styling, onroad performance and use. These choices naturally imply an increase in price, but this will remain reasonable.
These are accessible objects of desire, cars that stand apart by their creativity, intelligent design and build quality, embodying the very best of Citroën. The new product line will buoy Citroën’s new spirit of “Créative Technologie”.

The new line will also have a new naming system. Like the main range vehicles, which carry the letter C and a number, and, like the MPVs, which sport the Picasso signature, the new models will feature a special name: the DS line.

DS stood and continues to stand for a new approach to automobiles and the future. The Marque is drawing on its DNA to strengthen the positioning of its new product line, baptising these three distinctive vehicles DS3, DS4 and DS5

Text and Pictures: Citroën