Designed and developed by auto industry veterans Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler, the Fisker Karma proves environmentally friendly cars do not have to sacrifice performance, style or function. Low and wide, the Karma looks like no other car. Exclusive, 22-inch wheels and tires completely fill the wheel arches. The trunk will fit several pieces of luggage or two bags of golf clubs.

New technology, materials and applications can be found throughout the car’s purposeful interior. For example, the Karma will be the first car to feature a haptic touch-screen interface and offer an animal-free interior.

The Karma is an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV). It can reach 100km/h (62mph) in about six seconds and achieve a top speed of 201km/h (125mph), yet has the potential to use as little as 40 liters (10 gal) of petrol per year. The Q-DRIVE® plug-in hybrid powertrain, derived from military applications, is comprised of two electric motors that produce up to 375 kW (403 hp) and 1,300 Nm (959 lb/ft) of torque. Main power comes from a 200kW (peak) Lithium-ion battery pack that offers an emission-free range of 80.5km (50 mi) when fully charged from any 110, 220 or 240v household outlet. At 80.5km a generator, turned by a 2.0L turbocharged Direct Injection.

Text and Pictures: Fisker