Something private: When I  started using the internet (around 1993),  there were nearly no search engines. I just used some CompuServe Chat-Rooms. Some years later  when the Internet was getting more popular – I used Yahoo, but the directory wasn’t complete (okay still not complete in 2009), so I switched to AltaVista – but this wasn’t a good solution (lots of SERP-Spamming using Keyword-Stuffing and Meta-Tag-Spam). So most of the time I was using MetaCrawler – to get rid of all those spammy serps.

Someday in 1999 I stumbled upon Google and was satisfied. I still remember that I sent them an email with a simple question (it was possible to send Google emails and yes – you got an answer). “Hi Google-Team, can I pay for your great search engine, because I couldn’t see any ads and I am afraid of losing this Search engine?” Google’s answer: “No, it’s not possible to pay for our service, but it is nice that you like it.”

As you all know, there are some search engines on the net still trying to compete with Google. I am not convinced with their results – so I created my special SERP-Shirt…

“I searched in Redmond – And all I got was this lousy engine.”

Maybe someone should think about Shirt engine…

Alex Reinhardt – Babez.de