Since the first introduction in 1989, Legacy has been highly praised for its all-weather reliability and sporty capabilities. Thanks to Subaru’s Horizontally-Opposed BOXER engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, Legacy has been realizing the best balance of agile handling, stability and dependability.

Now, please take a look at the stage. Celebrating 20th year of the Legacy sedan, I am proud to introduce the “LEGACY CONCEPT” as European premiere. This shows our future vision of this legendary model.

The exterior design is based on the concept of “Presence”. Design lines carve out a substantial mass and project a sense of strength. Four flared wheel arches speak to the dynamism of the car and its reliability. The wing motif front grille, the solidly designed bumper, and sharp LED headlamps; all those express a powerful presence and emphasize Subaru’s uniqueness.

The interior expresses the concept of “High Definition” with a feeling of comfort. The four-seat layout provides a feeling of freedom for all the passengers. Pearl white leather seats offer a high contrast to the black metallic door trims. This accentuates the car’s identity with sharpness and a sense of fine quality.

This model is finished in a special High-Luster paint, called “Ultimate Silver” just to further emphasize the presence of the car and its sporty performance image. Harmony between the heritage of the past and the new confidence in driving, that is The LEGACY CONCEPT.

Text and Pictures: Subaru