It is no secret that modern cars tend to look similar. Almost all major car manufacturers invest enormous sums of money in designing the front of their cars in order to make their model range look as incisive and as in keeping with brand image as possible. This means that front parts have now become difficult to tell apart – especially with the Mercedes and Audi brands. In this area the discovery of the single frame look was therefore groundbreaking.

In order to give back some uniqueness to the individual models, Adolf Koch – who has worked in the field of tuning for 30 years and should be well known to many insiders – has developed an interesting alternative to the standard front guard. With the slogan “the second face”, as of now the Swabian is presenting under the label of his new company AK Car-Design with the cooperation of an industrial partner specially styled radiator grill inserts which give every vehicle an individual touch. To begin with AK Car-Design will provide inserts for almost all Audi and Mercedes models.

For the new E-Class generation which was recently released to car dealers, Adolf Koch has of course already developed his latest inserts as well as a complete car body construction, consisting of a spoiler, side skirts and an individual rear valance with special exhaust tailpipes. For the car front there are several variations of grill available, among these a variant in real carbon.

In the meantime, confusion is at its greatest among the Audi model range thanks to the single frame look. From the A3 to the A8 every car from the Ingolstadt giant looks practically identical. With his very individual front designs; Adolf Koch also creates perfect alternatives which will immediately make any Audi model look unique.

Text and Pictures: AK Car-Design