Attraction: Giant Frogs on Thread Spools

There are four of them – two frogs and two spools on each side of the bridge. A great municipal art project. The story behind the giant frogs on the bridge: In the mid-1700s, local Windham-ites were awakened by a horrible flood of noises, a sort of bellowing and shrieking that seemed to come directly from above.

The townspeople were terrified. This was during the French and Indian War, and many of the able-bodied men were up north engaged in battles. Many of those who remained in town thought the hideous noises were the war-whoops of local Indian tribes preparing to overrun the village, raping and killing everyone in sight. Others took a more spiritual tack, convincing themselves the horrible noises were from heaven and judgement day was at hand. Townspeople ran out of their homes (in various stages of undress) alternately shooting up into the air at an unseen enemy or falling to their knees in fervent prayer.

Located : Bridge Street, Willimantic, Connecticut

Directions : South Street off Main Street, heading south out of town on the Windham Crossing

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Giant Frogs on Thread Spools: Willimantic, Connecticut