Ay, caramba! Today Bill Morrsion (Co-Founder along with Matt Groening and Steve and Cindy Vance and creative director of Bongo Comics) and Sergio Aragonés were signing Comic-Books, Posters, Pictures at the “k presse + buch” (Hamburg Hauptbahnhof – Central Station).

After waiting for an hour and a half with a large number of kids and some “freaks”, I had the chance to get an autograph in my US Playboy Collector’s Edition with Marge Simpson (as Centerfold).

Bill and Sergio saw the Playboy – they both laughed… Bill signed it and presented it proudly to the audience (ok to me and Christian, who I met there). Sergio didn’t sign the Centerfold, cause he has nothing to do with it. Hmmm… Nevertheless this edition is a great Simpsons Memorabilia.

Okay – I have the signature from the Simpsons Creative Director in my autographed US Playboy and you can eat my shorts…