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It’s done – this is our offbeat roadside America travel guide to unusual attractions and weird vacations. We traveled through the Northeastern USA and searched for unusual spots in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. It was a great and fun road-trip, we only visited and searched those offbeat attractions.

We stopped by the largest roadside attractions, unspectacular, boring and exiting ones – we took a picture and drove off for the next roadside sight . Sometimes we visited the gift and souvenir shop nearby and yep – we played a lot of Mini-Golf on those wacky courses.

If you have news about our visited attractions, you can leave a comment. So take your time, stumble though our Top 50 offbeat attractions. You can start with the Barker Comic Museum, you will find a “Next Attraction-Link” in the review. Or you can visit the places sorted by states.

Offbeat Roadside Attractions List:
- Barker Comic Museum
- Big Indian Shop and Statue
- Christmas X-Mas-Shops
- Cross Island Chapel
- Dog Chapel
- Eartha World’s Largest Rotating Globe
- Frightening Saugus
- Giant Frogs on Thread Spools
- Gingerbread Castle
- Gorilla Holds Aloft A VW Beetle
- House of the World Famous Clam Roll
- Jelly Beans World
- Large Fiberglass Lobster
- Looney Lagoon
- Lucy the Elephant
- Maine Discovery Museum
- Mainer C. Lobster Sculpture
- McHenry’s Foot Long Hot Dog
- Mini-Golf Courses
- Moody’s Diner
- Mr. Bill Muffler Man
- Mystic Seaport
- Nutty Car Wash
- Old Salt Fisherman
- Paul Bunyan Statue
- Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
- Perry’s Nut House
- Punxsutawney Phil
- Railway Village
- Ray Murphy’s Chainsaw Show
- Recycle Art
- Red’s Eats Lobster
- Road Sign House
- Roof Dragon
- Salem Witch Trial Museum
- Santa’s Village
- South End Tavern
- Space Farms Zoo and Museum
- Star Wars Burger King
- Stephen King’s House
- Strictly Moose
- The Dinosaur Place
- The Tepee
- Tin Man with Heart
- Tin-Man
- Trash-O-Saurus and Garbage Museum
- Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center
- Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum
- World’s Largest Bug
- Zippo Lighter Visitors Center

Offbeat Attractions sorted by States:
- Connecticut (11)
- Maine (14)
- Massachusetts (5)
- New Hampshire (2)
- New Jersey (4)
- New York (2)
- Pennsylvania (2)
- Rhode Island (2)
- Vermont (2)
- Unknown (6)

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