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MashUp-Cars – April Fools’ Day Mashup Cars

Share asked me to create some MashUp-Cars for April Fools’ Day. The idea was to create something like an asian-car-copycat. So we mixed up some european/us cars and in most cases – the new MashUp-Cars are more attractive then the original ones. – Hope you like it. By the way, created a nice story around it. A StartUp-Company […] complete news
Backwards Cars – Photoshopped CarFakes

Share asked me to create some “Backwards Cars”. So I have choosen some upcoming cars from the CarShow in Geneve, some classic cars and important cars opened Photoshop and fliped over the driver cabin, did some photoshopping so it looked more realistic. The best things are the new door concepts which I created. complete news
Beef ‘O’ Snow – Merry X-Mas 2010

I wish you a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year. complete news
My Own Street View Places: Sightseeing, Check-Ins and Likes in Hamburg

Share Menschen haben Angst und Panik vor der totalen Überwachung. Die größte Bedrohung scheint für viele “Google Street View” zu sein. Gleichzeitig veröffentlichen immer mehr Personen ihre privaten Vorlieben, Details und vor allem Fotos aus ihrem Leben in Social-Networks wie “Facebook”, “Xing”, “StudiVZ”. Sie checken in “Facebook-Places” und “FourSquare” ein. Uns bleibt nichts anderes übrig, als “Gefällt mir” anzuklicken. Von […] complete news – Promo Show Pick-Up

Our friends at bought and pimped an International Harvester Scout II for General Tire and we thought: “ needs a Show Truck too!”. Today I saw this incredible PM-Pick-Up at “Famila-Store” and it only cost 12,99 EURO. Here it is… complete news
Bill Morrison signed my Marge Simpson US Playboy Centerfold – Simpsons Memorabilia

Ay, caramba! Today Bill Morrsion (Co-Founder along with Matt Groening and Steve and Cindy Vance and creative director of Bongo Comics) and Sergio Aragonés were signing Comic-Books, Posters, Pictures at the “k presse + buch” (Hamburg Hauptbahnhof – Central Station). After waiting with a huge group of kids and some “freaks”, I had the chance to get an autograph in my US Plaboy Collectors Edition with Marge Simpson as Centerfold. complete news
Smoking Fish On The Clothesline – Offbeat Photography

Share Here is another offbeat project: “Smoking Fish on the Clothesline”. complete news
Frau am Steuer – Typisches Frauenauto?

Neulich auf der Straße entdeckt – das typische Frauenauto… Warum ist es ein Frauenauto? Ganz einfach, an der Heckscheibe hängt ein selbstgebasteltes “Fahranfänger-Schild”, okay das ist noch nicht wirklich ein Indiz für ein Frauenauto… complete news
Blog-Parade: Meine gefahrenen Autos

Auf dem Willi´s Blog gibt es eine Blog-Parade. Er listet auf, welche Autos er in seinem Leben schon gefahren ist. Da mache ich doch mal mit und liste meine bisher gefahrenen Autos auf. complete news
Holding the Cloud : Forced Perspective Photography

Forced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera. complete news