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Homepage-Preview Blue-Webdesign

Share This was a template I created for a company – but it was never used.. I liked the the blue colour, clean design… complete news

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Halloween Scarecrows Costume – Homemade

If you don’t know what to wear at this years Halloween. Here is my Scarecrow Costume. Looks kinda scary and of course, you can only wear it, if your are not allergic to straw. complete news
FarmVille Halloween Decorations Spooky Farm FarmVille Art Pics

Share FarmVille just gave us the following Halloween Decorations: Jack-O’-Lantern, Cat-O’-Lantern, Plant Monster, Tombstone, Giant Spider Web, Dreadful Fence, Gargoyle gate. I created my Treehouse of Horror Farm. Hope you like it. complete news
Fun: Analog-Kindle Edition Web 3.0

Share After Amazon presented the “Kindle” on the german market – it is time for a new beginning in publishing. As usual – the Firstmover in the IntnetBusiness “AutoBild” already created a special beta-version. The “Autobild-Analog-Kindle” is the first really user generated “E-Webzine”. You can publish, draw, comment…. Co-Producer Jon Doe : “This is one of the most amazing products […] complete news
FarmVille PONG – Fun FaceBook Application

I like to waste my time with the FaceBook FarmVille-Application. Cause you can’t really interact, and more and more players starting with Art-Projects – I decided to play a short hay balls PONG… complete news
Farmville Pics Art Facebook – Help Me

This was another idea – writing something using Farmeville Crops. Help Me was the first art project on my farm on the Facebook Farmville application. complete news
FarmVille Pics Art Facebook – Tetris

Share Everyone is playing Farmville on Facebook. So do I – sometimes i try somethin new and this is my actual art project. Tetris – Screenshot – made with Farmville Hay Balls. Hope you like it. complete news
Störfall im AKW Krümmel – Geesthacht

Weil es mich persönlich betrifft und ich sehr oft in der Nähe des AKW Krümmel in Geesthacht bin. Nach den letzten Störfällen und den Auswirkungen in Hamburg – bin ich für die endgültige Abschaltung. Hier mein Satire-Beitrag als Satire-Plakat für die angeschlagene Betreiberfirma… complete news
RIP – King of Rock and King of Pop – now perform together

Elvis Presley : 08.01.1935 – 16.08.1977 – 42 Years

Michael Jackson : 29.08.1958 – 25.06.2009 – 50 Years

And now they can perform together… complete news