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G-Power X5 Typhoon RS

Brawny wing extensions and strikingly formed front- and rear skirts qualified for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, mark the appearance of the G-POWER TYPHOON RS. The body alteration in OEM-quality made of PU-rim has been developed by the G-POWER designers by using… complete news
G-Power Typhoon

The G-POWER TYPHOON has arrived! With its breathtaking wide-stance styling, its 525-hp / 386-kW G-POWER SK III eight-cylinder supercharged engine and a top speed of 275 km/h the SUV based on the BMW X5 (E70) sets new standards in its class. complete news
G-Power G6 Coupé

Ever since making its debut back in 2004, the BMW 6series Coupé E63 has livened up the wish list of many a well-to-do sporty individualist. The creators of this dream car have made sure that even just looking at this exciting luxury coupe sets the pulse racing… complete news
G-Power M6

The G-POWER G6 5.0 engine catapults this 6-series vehicle in M-format from G-POWER on the basis of the new BMW 645i into the highest performance dimension of its category. Generating 420 bhp / 308 kW and a maximum torque of 540 Nm… complete news