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Hartge X5

A SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) such as the X5 also looks well kitted out with such sporty accessories as a front spoiler, rear skirt and two-piece side sills. Unlike the HARTGE “HUNTER”, which transforms the X5 into a thoroughbred off-road vehicle, this version from the German-based automaker… complete news
Hartge M6

HARTGE can make a dream come true for many M6 fans: to raise the maximum speed of the car from its (electronically limited) 250 km/h to a maximum of 320 km/h. To this end, HARTGE has developed a special supplementary module that (with no driver-training course) enables every M6 driver to experience the delights of driving at speeds in excess of 300 km/h. complete news
Hartge H50 V10

The first thing that strikes you is the two-tone paint work, the special air-outlets on the bonnet and wings, as well as the HARTGE front-spoiler lip and the HARTGE rear spoiler. The 3 series BMW from the Saarland – to be more exact, the HARTGE H50 V10… complete news
Hartge H1

HARTGE takes care of the littlest shoot of the BMW family and provides an exclusive upgrade for the “Golf Class Competitor“, the new BMW 1 Series, making it even sportier, more beautiful and above all, faster. The both Common-Rail-Diesel-engines 118d and 120d will be brought up to 145 hp / 196 hp caused of the HARTGE power-boxes. complete news
Hartge E63 645 Ci 5.1

Starting in 2005 in HARTGE’s product range is the new HARTGE 645Ci 5.1. Its premiere was celebrated beginning of December 2004 at the Essen Motorshow. The HARTGE 6 series was presented to technicians as well to the public with an individual optic and as usual with a high-performance engine. complete news