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Mansory Range Rover Sport

Perfectly in time for the Range Rover’s 40th birthday, Mansory is introducing a programme for personalising the off-road classic. To be precise, for its sports derivative, the Range Rover Sport. As is the case with all modifications from Mansory, both the body and the interior are subjected to a complete working-over and topped off with powerful engine tuning. complete news
Mansory X5 – First Pimped BMW

For the very first time MANSORY presents an individualized programme for current BMW models. The X5 will be the first model of the white-blue brand to be treated to an extensive refinement process. “The Mansory X5 is just the beginning,” announced Managing Director Michael Stein. complete news
Mansory Maserati Gran Turismo

Mansory has long been known has the specialist for refining luxury automobiles. Now, the company from Brand in Bavaria has added an additional traditional brand to their tuning portfolio. The stylish and sporty conversion of the Maserati GranTurismo is once again proof of the fact that… complete news
Mansory Vitesse Rosé

Vitesse Rosé – the name says it all. On the one hand, Vitesse means velocity in French and therefore already the basic model of the Bentley Continental GT Speed is an epitome for swiftness. On the other hand, Rosé is the dominating colour of the luxury coupé which is only offered in a limited edition of three cars. complete news
Mansory Chopster

The latest generation of the MANSORY Chopster – a holistic SUV artwork with the exclusiveness and precise processing of a Swiss clockwork. Mansory, the refining specialist for super sports cars presents the world premiere of the latest generation Chopster on the Frankfurt Motor Show. complete news
Mansory LINEA Vincerò

Vincerò is also the name of the latest automobile accessory line by refining specialist Mansory. Mansory already finds many parallels for the new name: The plot of the aria stems from a Persian tale of 1001 days which also relates to the standard motorisation of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 with 1,001 hp. On the other hand. complete news