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Venturi America

The VENTURI AMERICA combines both the values of traditional America and those resulting from new awareness of ecological issues. This new American dream is embodied by this new model from VENTURI : a high-riding electric sports car that one can see oneself driving, one’s hair… complete news
Venturi Black Feather Longboard

Leader in sustainable mobility, Venturi Automobiles has built its longboard with the same requirements as a racing car : the result is the “Black Feather”, the lightest and fastest longboard in the world. complete news
Venturi Fetish

Presented as a World Premiere at the 2004 Paris Motor Show, the Venturi Fétish is the first production electric sports car in automobile history. Fétish demonstrates, with ease, that it is possible to make today what the big automobile manufacturers are only proposing 20 years from now. complete news