Daihatsu Terios Sport
Daihatsu Terios Sport
Daihatsu Terios Sport

The new Terios launched this year has received high appraisal in many countries, achieving good sales results. Its easy drivability in town, driving performance sufficient for off-road use, and sophisticated design have all attracted much attention. The Terios has always been a unique vehicle in the sense that it is suitable for both urban and off-road driving.

This remodelling adopts a distinctive design concept that refines the urban feel of the vehicle,producing an innovative crossover model based on real SUVs.

The front face has a very small grille. This exceptional look among SUVs has added more splendour to the "aura" of the Terios. Its new slender form with lower vehicle height provides a sharp impression. It also delivers smooth driving with a lower centre of gravity.

On the rear end, the spare tyre that has conventionally been mounted on an SUV has been removed to reduce the vehicle weight.The refreshed design of the back door and its surrounding area creates a robust, sturdy appearance. Two mufflers placed in the centre glow brilliantly against the vivid body colour.

Meanwhile, the interior has been finished in a way that creates a stylish atmosphere. The "candy-tone red" body colour is an indispensable part of the brilliant exterior styling. The cabin incorporates bucket seats decorated with stitching in the same colour as the body colour, which adds vivid accents to the black interior base colour.

The Terios boasts a high-level driving performance that can adapt to any road condition. Its 1.5-litre finely tuned engine offers brisk driving in town and a stable ride in the country, fully exercising its maximum performance.

Its drive system offers running ability equal to that of a full-fledged SUV. While driving in urban settings, the drive power is equally divided between front and rear wheels to take full advantage of its tyre cornering performance.

Additionally, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) is mounted on the vehicle, ensuring safety during emergency danger avoidance operations such as abrupt steering.

Text and photos courtesy of Daihatsu

Daihatsu Terios Sport

Daihatsu Terios Sport

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