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MashUp-Cars – April Fools’ Day Mashup Cars

Share asked me to create some MashUp-Cars for April Fools’ Day. The idea was to create something like an asian-car-copycat. So we mixed up some european/us cars and in most cases – the new MashUp-Cars are more attractive then the original ones. – Hope you like it. By the way, created a nice story around it. A StartUp-Company […] complete car news
Backwards Cars – Photoshopped CarFakes

Share asked me to create some “Backwards Cars”. So I have choosen some upcoming cars from the CarShow in Geneve, some classic cars and important cars opened Photoshop and fliped over the driver cabin, did some photoshopping so it looked more realistic. The best things are the new door concepts which I created. complete car news
Top 50 Offbeat Attractions in Northeastern USA – Roadside America Guide

Top 50 Offbeat Attractions Tour. It’s done – this is our roadside America travel guide to unusual attractions and weird vacations. We traveled through the Northeastern USA and searched for unusual spots in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. complete car news
Blog-Parade: Meine gefahrenen Autos

Auf dem Willi´s Blog gibt es eine Blog-Parade. Er listet auf, welche Autos er in seinem Leben schon gefahren ist. Da mache ich doch mal mit und liste meine bisher gefahrenen Autos auf. complete car news
Mini-Golf – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

I love to play Mini-Golf, so we stopped at every Mini-Golf-Course and played some holes. We have seen all kinds of Courses… complete car news
Christmas X-Mas-Shops – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

We stopped at nearly every Christmas-Shop, looked at all the X-Mas-Kitch and here are some pictures from different shops. complete car news
Road Sign House – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Just an old house covered with an uncounted number of signs. Nice idea for a decoration. complete car news
Recycle Art – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Recycle Art, animals and people build from trash. Walk around take a look and maybe you will find the one trash art for your house. complete car news
Zippo Lighter Visitors Center: Bradford, Pennsylvania – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

You can buy your Zippo, take a look at the Zippo Collection, the Zippo-Car and very interesting is the big observation window… complete car news
Moody’s Diner: Waldoboro, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Lovely and delicious diner, go inside and wait till they call your name, get seated and… hmmmm my breakfast tasted good. complete car news