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Moody’s Diner: Waldoboro, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Lovely and delicious diner, go inside and wait till they call your name, get seated and… hmmmm my breakfast tasted good. complete car news
Looney Lagoon: Bath, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Sorry, the Looney Lagoon is no longer available — the attraction may have closed or be gone. When I visited the Lagoon, there were lots of tin sculptures. complete car news
Maine Discovery Museum: Bangor, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

We have’t visited the Museum, we just took a picture of the Frog-Clock on the outside of the building. complete car news
Ray Murphy’s Chainsaw Show: Hancock, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Ray Murphy a great chainsaw sculptor, gives tour-de-force live performances in his custom-built sound-proof booth. We just stopped and saw some of those sculptures – no cance to watch the show. complete car news
Paul Bunyan Statue: Bangor, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Bangor claims to be both the birthplace of the lumber industry and the Birthplace of Paul Bunyan. A titan of a statue in the city reminds Bangorians of their connection to this mythic character. complete car news
Large Fiberglass Lobster: Hancock, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

It is just a red fiberglass lobster in front of a seafood restaurant. So, if you like to have a photo with a fiberglass lobster, stop there – take the picture and go on with your life. complete car news
Perry’s Nut House: Belfast, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Unfortunately it was closed when we arrived. So we only could take pictures of the various animals sculptures on the outside. The Rocket-Bear on rollerblades, the huge Hot Dog-Bear and the giant squirrel holding a peanut. complete car news
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Waldoboro, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

The shop assistant in the Moody’s Diner gift shop told us, to visit the beautiful Permaquid Lighthouse. Compared to the lighthouses here in Germany, it is a small one, but laid on a cliff, were you can climb around. complete car news
Mainer C. Lobster Sculpture: Woolwich, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

This crazy looking metal Lobster statue is on right in front of restaurant parking lot. We stopped by, took a look at the menue and decided to drive on. Okay the lobster looked nice, but not the restaurant, maybe it changed the style since our visit. complete car news
Red’s Eats Lobster: Wiscasset, Maine – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Many people believe that you get the best lobster roll in the world at Reds Eats. Red’s is a shack, a building about the size of a small trailer with a single window. complete car news