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Big Indian Shop and Statue: Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

The indian statue is big, at least 20 feet tal. Feather headdress that hangs down to the ground. In the gift shop you can buy indian souvenirs. complete car news
Frightening Saugus: Saugus, Massachusetts – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Route 1 in Saugus is known as the restaurant capital of the world. One restaurants next to each other. Many of these restaurants have world-famous landmarks. Kowloon, a Chinese/Polynesian restaurant. Prince’s Leaning Tower of Pizza restaurant. complete car news
Jelly Beans World in Beantown Jordan’s Furniture: Reading, Massachusetts – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

The Jelly Beans World is in the entrance hall of a furniture store. The walls are decoreated with huge flowers made of Jelly Beans. You can buy your favourite Jelly flavors or get huge ice cream cones. complete car news
Salem Witch Trial Museum: Salem, Massachusetts – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

One of my former famous movies was “Salem’s Lot – Brennen muss Salem” and that was the reason to travel to Salem and dip down into the world of witches. The tour started with a great played witch trial, where the audience gets involved. complete car news
Tin Man with Heart: Goshen, Massachusetts – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Lots of trash art on the outside. Inside it is an antique stove shop. Antqie stove were too heavy for us, so we just took some pictures of the Tin Man. The read heart had something from E.T. complete car news