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Lotus Elise 2015: Unveiled in Paris 2010

Oh yes, here it is! There’s still room for the Elise at Lotus but what a difference a decade or two makes. The Lotus Elise due for release in 2015 is a sexy, agile beast of a car. Finally the Elise comes of age. complete car news
Ferrari SA Aperta 599 – Most Exclusive Ever

The SA APERTA – the most exclusive Ferrari ever takes centre stage at Paris. A new V12 to celebrate Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary. Ferrari is delighted to announce the presentation of the SA APERTA at the Paris International Motor Show 2010. This is a special series model… complete car news
Lotus Evora S: ReCreated with 350 PS

So apart from the obvious power difference, how is the Lotus Evora S different to the standard Evora?The Evora S comes with a sport pack as standard featuring a ‘sport’ button which allows the driver to control throttle response and activate the exhaust by-pass valve. complete car news
Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG

Carbon fiber, handling and ultra lightweight! That’s the guiding principle of BRABUS for refining the Mercedes SLS AMG. The exclusive sport program comprises aerodynamic-enhancement components made from carbon fiber, ultra-lightweight forged wheels, an electronically adjustable smooth-ride… complete car news
AC Schnitzer Z4 Roadster

Ready for its world premiere: the extensive product range for the BMW Z4 by AC Schnitzer. The Aachen-based tuning specialist has further optimised the brand-new classic from BMW, which has already received extensive accolades from the trade press. complete car news
Mini Roadster Concept

Presenting the MINI Roadster Concept, the brand once again sets a new trend for individual mobility. This is where a purist character, elegant design and fascinating driving qualities come together in the vision of an open two-seater meeting the demands of a modern and self-confident target group. complete car news
Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

Lamborghini presents the ultimate driving machine among open-top two-seaters – the Reventón Roadster is a sports car of breathtaking fascination, menacing power and uncompromising performance. The 6.5 liter twelve-cylinder generates 493 kW (670 PS… complete car news
Hai E3

Haidlmair will present the first E-Roadster with wheel hub motor in europe during their 30th anniversary celebration on 18th of september. complete car news
Wiesmann Roadster MF5

Wilde Tiere in freier Laufbahn sind etwas Faszinierendes. Sie können ihre Urinstinkte voll entfalten. Ohne Barrieren – unter freiem Himmel – entwickeln sie Stärke, Eleganz und Geschwindigkeit. Denn nur Freiheit und die Verbindung zu den Elementen setzen enorme… complete car news

Five cylinders, plenty of power with four wheel drive – that was the original “ur-Quattro”, a sports coupe which caused a furore around 30 years ago and is also one of the highlights of the 50-year tuning history of ABT. complete car news