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Mini-Golf – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

I love to play Mini-Golf, so we stopped at every Mini-Golf-Course and played some holes. We have seen all kinds of Courses… complete car news
Christmas X-Mas-Shops – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

We stopped at nearly every Christmas-Shop, looked at all the X-Mas-Kitch and here are some pictures from different shops. complete car news
Road Sign House – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Just an old house covered with an uncounted number of signs. Nice idea for a decoration. complete car news
Recycle Art – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

Recycle Art, animals and people build from trash. Walk around take a look and maybe you will find the one trash art for your house. complete car news
South End Tavern – Offbeat Roadside Attractions

We were driving around and have seen this Tavern. After a short moment we decided not to stop and take a beer in this pub. complete car news
House of the World Famous Clam Roll – Offbeat Roadside Attraction

The House of the World Famous Clam Roll was described as one of the best restaurants for clam rolls, but when we stopped by, it was kind of spooky. complete car news